PlanUp - Event Booking WordPress Theme (Events) download

Planning to launch a website for your upcoming event? Here is the perfect theme for you. PlanUp Event Booking WordPress Theme designed for conferences, events, exhibitions, meetups, congresses and other important events will let you establish a stunning site with a hassle free. The theme features 3 beautifully pre-designed home styles and more coming soon which are up to your choice for the exceptional visual presentation of the site. With PlanUp, you don’t have to code anything because the theme is packed with all features needed to help you manage tickets, speakers, schedules, sessions, sponsors, venues, and contacts right on the admin panel.



Theme Features:

  • 100% Responsive Layout Design

  • Payment method

  • Google Map direction

  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3

  • Custom Widgets

  • Tons of shortcodes built-in with Page Builder

  • Smooth scroll

  • Google fonts: It support 700+ Google font and do not worry about if any new font added in Google font library, just copy the font name and paste it in the text field in the theme option

  • Translation Ready

  • One-Click Import Sample Data

  • Feature page:

    • Slide header

    • Event page

    • Parallax Background Image

    • Video Background

    • Blog page

  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE9+

  • Bootstrap 3.1.1

  • Google Web Fonts

  • jQuery isotope

  • Lightbox

  • Well commented code.

  • Free update

Change Log.


- Add HT Event Ticket: management event ticket
- Add Speaker Custom Post Type


- First Initial

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DOWNLOAD PlanUp - Event Booking WordPress Theme (Events)

Push Down Banners WordPress Plugin (WordPress) download

Push Down Banners WordPress Plugin

Push Down Banners is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to create banners that push web content down

Simply upload your banner which can be an image, flash, HTML or HTML5 code, set your variables, preview and deploy.

Save an unlimited number of banners and show on any page within your site.

Customize it by adding your own close or open button.

Unlimited Creativity!

Key Features:

  • Responsive: All images and HTML banners are Responsive.

  • Easy to Customize (No coding required!)

  • Banner format can be: JPG, GIF, PNG, SWF or any HTML.

  • Paste any HTML code from: (Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and more)

  • Use our close buttons or Upload your own Close Button

  • Set your URL (Open in a new window or not)

  • Set the Dimensions for HTML Banners

  • Set where you want them to be placed. (top of page, middle of page etc.)

  • Create and save an unlimited number of banners.

  • Add a Background Colour or Image.

  • Have a first banner, or no first banner.

  • Change the speed of the animation when it opens.

  • Add an Auto Close

  • Have the option to make the first banner disappear when you click on it.

  • Rollover to open, Rolloff to close.

  • Add a cookie to show only once per day.

  • Free Upgrades

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    DOWNLOAD Push Down Banners WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

    Network Merchants Redirect Gateway for WooCommerce (Gateways) download

    Network Merchants e-commerce payment gateway enables companies to process online transactions in real-time anywhere in the world.

    NMI (Network Merchants Inc.) Redirect Payment Gateway is a WordPress Plugin which allows the WooCommerce plugin to accept credit card payments through NMI’s Three Step Redirect Integration method.

    Looking for a Payment Gateway and can’t find one in our portfolio or if we haven’t integrated it for your shopping cart just contact us through the form on Profile Page so we can work out the payment gateway integration that your looking for.

    You can also contact us at

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    DOWNLOAD Network Merchants Redirect Gateway for WooCommerce (Gateways)

    Geo Targeting Addon for SAM Pro (Free Edition) (Advertising) download

    Geo Targeting is the addon for WordPress plugin SAM Pro (Free Edition). Using this addon you can restrict showing of your ads basing on global location of the visitor. To determine the location of the visitor you can use popular online services of geo locations (MaxMind, DB-IP) or your own data tables.

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    DOWNLOAD Geo Targeting Addon for SAM Pro (Free Edition) (Advertising)

    Ultimate Form Builder (Forms) download

    Check out all features below:

    • Unlimited Forms

    • Single and Multi Step Support
      • Single Step Forms

      • Multi Steps Forms

    • Form Pre Designed Templates

      • 10 beautiful predesigned templates available

    • Form Import / Export

    • Form Data Import Export

    • All HTML Fields Available

      • Single Line Text

      • Multiple Line Text

      • Checkbox

      • Radio Button

      • Select Option

      • Email Address

      • Hidden Fields

      • Password Fields

      • Number Fields

    • UI Elements

      • Datepicker

      • Datepicker daterange

      • Dropdown date and time

      • Dropdown date and time range

      • UI Slider

      • UI Range Slider

    • Custom Elements

      • File Uploader

      • Custom Texts

      • Agreement Block

      • URL field

      • WYSIWYG Field

    • Survey Elements

      • Star Ratings

      • Like Dislike Thumb

      • Choice Matrix

    • Captcha

      • Mathematical Captcha

      • Google Captcha

    • Multiple Column Layout Support

    • Form Preview

    • Email Sending

      • Email to admin or configured email

      • Auto reply system to send email to user after submission

    • Conditional Logic Support

      • Display Show Hide Logic

      • Email Logic

      • Redirect Logic

    • Advanced Validation

      • Required Validation

      • Number Validation

      • Logical Validation

    • Ajax Form Submissions

    • Translation Ready

    • Mobile Responsive

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    DOWNLOAD Ultimate Form Builder (Forms)

    WooCommerce - Cart reminder for returning visitors - Welcome Back Buyer (WooCommerce) download


    When a buyer or customer comes back to your store…

    .. the customer will never forget his cart of his last visit. The cart

    is full of wonderful stuff and he will checkout as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, he can close the dialog and go on with his shopping tour.

    After how many hours is the dialog shown?

    YOU decide after how many hours the dialog will be visible for

    your buyers and customers. The settings allow you to set a time

    limit seperat for logged in users and guests.

    Select a predefined style or customize your dialog

    Get inspired in a set of a few predefined styles. You can

    customize all options. This includes texts, colors and the look and feel.

    Works with all Themes

    Bought a theme on themeforest? No problem! The dialog is normalized

    and will look great on your website. The dialog takes your main font family.


    • Compatible with WordPress 4.0+ and WooCommerce 2.4+

    • Gives a friendly hello back to your customers and guests

    • Never loose a lost or abandoned cart

    • Customize the dialog texts

    • Customize the complete view (grid or list view)

    • Customize the complete look and feel with all the styles

    • The view and styles can be set for three different devices: Desktop, Tablet and smartphone

    • Responsive: Looks great on smartphones

    • Define the expire time limit when the cart will be deleted

    • Live preview

    • The plugin comes with a PDF for an instruction for the options

    • Custom CSS


    Version 1.0
    - initial release

    The plugin uses browser cookies to save the last visit of the visitor.

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    DOWNLOAD WooCommerce - Cart reminder for returning visitors - Welcome Back Buyer (WooCommerce)

    Ajax Contact Form (Forms) download

    Inside Pack

    High Quality Theme Options

    • Theme used in this package is made with highly qualified features like css3 and bootsrap.

    Full Responsive

    • It provides responsive layout

    • Content should be positioned automatically according to device size.

    • It can be display in well manner in any device like mobile and tablets.

    Retina Display Ready

    • Everything is made with coding.

    • No direct Images are used.

    • All forms display very beautifully with high display quality.

    Clean Modern Code

    • Forms are made using HTML and PHP Scripts.

    • Both HTML and PHP syntax are easily understandable.

    • User can customize it with basic knowledge og HTML And PHP.

    Style switcher Option

    • Style switcher is used to switch to different layouts<./li>

    • It Provides 12 pre-defined colors.

    • 2 Layout options: Wide screen layout & Boxed layout.

    • It Provides 14 patterns, Which used with boxed layout.

    • This option is available on each and every page, So you can easily determine how page looks in different style.

    CSS 3 & Bootstrap

    • It uses css3 technique to design it’s layout.

    • With css3, we can display every element with different style options.

    • Bootstrap is known for it’s grid lay out system.

    • Bootstrap is very easy to understand, It provides responsive layout.

    • So with css3 and bootarap, we can create effective and Beautifull themes and layouts very easily.

    HTML 5

    • If you are passionate about simple, elegant, easy to read code then HTML5 is the beast for you. HTML5 allows you to write clear and descriptive code.

    • New form elements like number, date, time, calendar, and range are also added in HTML5.

    • It also supports audio and Video display in web pages.

    • HTML5 is becoming a new standard in IT world.

    • HTML5 is faster and cheaper and provides modern techniques for creating webpages.

    • HTML5 lets you do things previously impossible with HTML.

    Ajax Support

    • AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages.

    • AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously, which means ajax allows us to refresh some portion of webpage should be updated not whole webpage.

    • Other pages, which do not use ajax will refreshing whole page will reloaded every time.

    • in this package all forms are submitted with ajax.


    • All forms contains validations made up using jquery.

    • It Provides inline validations.

    • Form does not submit until all validations returns true.

    • It is very easy to understand, user can easily add new validations or remove existing validations.

    SMTP Support

    • SMTP Provides High authentication while sending mail using php mailer.

    • For use SMTP, you have to do following changes as shown in image.

    • First of all you have to create your account with SMTP.

    • To use SMTP authentication you have to enable $mail->SMTPAuth = TRUE, Otherwise it doesn’t apply any authentication.

    • After that you have to set SMTP Server by providing host details.

    • You must have to set the port number for sending an email.

    • Then, you have to write your active SMTP account user name and Password.

    • With this configuration you can easily use smtp service.

    News Letter

    • Contact form with news letter subscription option, here if user want to subscribe news letter then it will save user email into database in newsletter table, and also sends an email.


    • Contact form with geolocation option, which give sender geographical location with auto generated map.

    • It Display at the bottom of the form, Also send with an email.

    • With this receiver can get current geographical location of sender.

    Location Detection

    • Contact form with location detection, it provides sender location like city, state, country,etc..

    • Location is detected automatically using user ip address.

    Human verification

    • Contact form with human verification provides captcha into the form.

    • Captcha is auto-generated text.

    • User can refresh captcha code, if it is invisible.

    • Form does not submitted until user write correct captcha code.

    File Attachment

    • It Provides 2 types of File attachment : Single File attachment and Multiple file attachment.

    • Contact with single file attachment, It allows single file has be attach with an email, here you can provide maximum size of file to be attached and also specify allowed file extension. if you don’t need this type of validations then comment or remove that code from the script.

    • Contact form with multiple file attachment, it supports all type of file with valid extensions and any file with any size allowed by the phpmailer can be attach with email. Here you can also apply maximum file size and allowed file extensions according to your need, for using this you have to remove comment from the code as specified in script.

    Multi-language Support

    • Contact form with multilanguage, it allows multi language translation.

    • In this package provides 8 languages : English(default), Spanish, French, German, Danish, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.

    • It provides Dropdown of multiple language, user can easily switch from one language to another.

    Page Redirection

    • Contact form with redirection, it allows to redirect to new page/url on successful ajax form submission using ajax.

    • In other form it will stay in same page and display an notification message at top of the form.

    Send To Me

    • Contact with sent to me, Here an email is send to receiver and also a copy of email to sender on successful form submission.

    • Email sent to sender can be send using CC or BCC method.

    Database Support

    • Contact with save to database, Here form data will be stored into database on successful form submission.,it will display a notification to user whether the data will be stored into database or not.If you don’t want to display this type of message then you can comment the display code or remove it from the script.

    • For this you have to create database first into the phpmyadmin.

    • sql file of database available into the database folder, you have just import it.

    Use Following steps to create database in phpmyadmin.

    • Log into cPanel or if using wamp open localhost

    • Open phpMyAdmin by clicking the phpMyAdmin ink or Icon.

    • Following screen will appear when you click phpmyadmin.

    • Select the database in the left menu that you will be working with or create new database.

    • Click Import in the top menu

    • Under File to Import, click Browse and select the backup file you previously created (it will be either a .sql .zip or .tar.gz file).

    • Click Go at the bottom right

    • When the database has been imported successfully, you should see a message at the top of the page similar to: Import has been successfully finished, ## queries executed.

    • After Successful database creation you have to configure config file reside into the php folder.

    • this file looks like following,

    • Here mysql_connect($HOST_NAME, $USER_NAME, $PASSWORD)

    • In this function first parameter $HOST_NAME value should be “lacalhost”, if your database is on client machine(on local pc), or it should be domain name if it is on the server.

    • Second parameter $USER_NAME value should be username, it should be “root” if you working at localhost.

    • Third parameter $PASSWORD is used for password, if you have apply password protection to database, you have to write it into this.It can be blank.

    • After that you have to connect to the database you want to use, for that you have to specify database name into mysql_select_db($DATABASE_NAME, $con) function where $DATABASE_NAME will a database name.

    • If connection does not made it will generate an error message.

    • If no error message is displayed then your connection is made successfully.

    All Fields Supported

    • Contact with all form elements, This form contains all valid html5 form elements like textbox, radiobutton, combobox, dropdownlist, textarea etc.. with validations.

    Best Price| | Preview

    DOWNLOAD Ajax Contact Form (Forms)

    Sortable Layouts Addon (Add-ons) download

    Sortable Layouts Addon

    Extend the default layouts with two new adjustable layouts and a custom layout that you can configure yourself!

    The two new layouts are called “Masonry” and “Carousel” and you can easily adjust their settings, how they look and feel.

    Even if you are not satisfied with these setting, you can create your own CUSTOM layout. You can enter your own html, WordPress shortcodes, and easily include elements like excerpt or custom field value.

    Note: This plugin only works if you have the


    plugin already installed.


    We take excellent care of our customers and make sure that they successfully install, setup and use this plugin.

    You can use the comments section of this plugin to post any comments that may be helpful for others to know as well.

    Our Facebook page are available to assist you if you send us a message there, and you can always sends an email at

    Keep us motivated to deliver new features by giving us a good rating in your Downloads page. Thank You!


    Please check the FAQs available on CodeCanyon

    Change log

    1/27/2016 - Initial upload on CodeCanyon

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    DOWNLOAD Sortable Layouts Addon (Add-ons)

    Booster & Cleaner Pro + Admob (Utilities) download

    Booster & Cleaner Pro is a powerful Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner, App Manager & Battery Saver, it Helps Accelerate and Clean Up Android Phones, you can boost your phone with one single click.


    • Eclipse project

    • Easy to reskin & customize

    • Beautiful User Interface

    • Memory Booster

    • Cache & Junk Cleaner

    • Apps Manager & Backup tool

    • Battery Saver

    • Rate & Share option

    • AdMob Banner & Interstitial

    Demo APK:

    Download Here

    What you get:

    • Full Android Source code.

    • Step-by-step Documentation.

    • Demo .apk file.

    Best Price| | Preview

    DOWNLOAD Booster & Cleaner Pro + Admob (Utilities)

    NextGen - Page and Menu controller for WordPress (Utilities) download

    Page and Menu controller for WordPress plugin is used to define rules for hiding, appending, replacing content for pages and generating, controlling shortcodes and lot more feature…

    You can now control pages and menus like never before. Zero Coding and solves unlimited number of usecases.

    Demo: Click here for demo:


    Click here to know how this plugin works

    Important Features:

    Page Rules are used to define rules for Pageing based on the selected logical rule. Below are the Page rule feature.

    Pages and Menu hiding:

    • User Profile : Hide pages or Menus using User Id, User Role, Email Id and Guest User.

    • Geolocation : Hide pages or Menus using Geolocation like Continent, Country, Region and City.

    • Date and Time : Hide Pages using date and time, Month, year, day.

    • Page by Request URL: Hide Pages using request URL.

    • Soft Page and Menu Hide: Pages are hidden logically but are accessible using direct URL.

    • We can control page like never before, define unlimited rules to hide pages and menus.

    Append dynamic content to Pages:

    Content can be appended dynamically using rules like (User Profile, Geo-location, Date and Time etc.)

    • Append dynamic content to the top/bottom of the page, we can also include html tags in dynamic content, more one the supported tags.

    • Append dynamic image of different sizes to the top/bottom of the page.

    • Append dynamic content with image background.

    • Append dynamic content at any location using generated “Shortcode”.

    • Show dynamic modal dialog with dynamic content.

    • Show dynamic image as modal dialog.

    • Show modal dialog with dynamic content and image background.

    Special features:

    • Complext Rule Support : Using this plugin we can define a very complex rule for hiding or appending content. i.e. Hide or append page content using logical rule like User is from US and accesing between dates and having user role as Editor etc

    • Generate Shortcode : This plugin has an unique feature of generating the short code dynamically. This feature is very helpful if you would like to control page content dynamically using short code.

    • Controlling Third-Party Shortcode : Control Third-Party shortcodes dynamically using logical rule. This feature is very useful if you would do not like render the Third-Party shortcode on some pages.

    • Redirect URL : Support Redirect URL for the pages which are hidden.

    • Exclude from Search : Excludes hidden pages from search.

    • Replace page content : Replaces complete page content.

    • Activate or Deactivate : Acitivate or deactivate a Rule.

    How it works:


    Click here to know how this plugin works

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    DOWNLOAD NextGen - Page and Menu controller for WordPress (Utilities)

    Cowboys Vs Zombies - Reward Video Ads (Games) download


    Not so long ago everywhere was peace.

    Then one day Zombies come to life.

    Only The Braves one stand against them.

    Few Brave Cowboys stand to defend earth, from Zombies to occupied it.

    Help them to make impossible mission, of saving the world possible!!!


    • Simple Gameplay – Touch And Drag To Move

    • Endless Fun

    • Elegant Scary Art

    • Scary Smoothing Soundtrack

    • Compete with Friends, Family with Game Center Leaderboards!

    Source code with Universal Support.

    AD Networks:

    • Chartboost

    • HeyZap

    Artwork Included with .PSD file

    Try It

    Cowboy Vs Zombies On iTunes Store Cowboy Vs Zombies On Itunes Store

    How To:

    • Create new App ID related to your project.

    • Create new Distribution Provisioning profile for your App ID, download it and install it in Xcode.

    • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app.

    • Change Atlases file with new images.

    • Change ID for AD Networks.

    • Update Review Us URL.

    • Configure Game Center.

    • Archive and Publish your game.

    More Games

    Best Price| | Preview

    DOWNLOAD Cowboys Vs Zombies - Reward Video Ads (Games)

    Layers - Tiny Gallery Extension (Media) download

    The Tiny Gallery Extension will enable you to display a custom gallery on your Layers website.

    Easy to use, it provides a customizable Layers Widget to simply showcase your images with a simple interface.

    This extension comes with 3 modern gallery templates.


    • Easy To Use

    • Responsive

    • Customizable

    • Gallery Post Type

    Best Price| | Preview

    DOWNLOAD Layers - Tiny Gallery Extension (Media)

    Ram Booster Android Application (Android) download

    RAM Booster is one of the most powerful memory cleaning application designed for Android devices which will work perfectly in your Android Phone .

    This application mostly reduces lags for a purpose of increasing speed of your device. Power Ram Booster is the best solution for all who have problems with the memory, with slow device , with low performance or just want to improve the performance in all directions .

    RAM Booster uses a latest technology to optimize the performance of your device. It will kills low priority tasks and process which is no need for the device most of the time. For maximum results you should do two times manual boost once a day.

    Only one single button to BOOST your memory within in a second . Just click the Boost button from the home screen .. simple and easy memory cleaner application with beautiful design .


    • Its support Android Marshmallow Operating system .

    • Simple and Easy one touch memory free app .

    • Notices – You receive notifications ones your phone runs out of memory.

    • Android Studio Support

    • Admob Support

    App Link :

    Best Price| | Preview

    DOWNLOAD Ram Booster Android Application (Android)

    Hit My Car -html5 mobile game (Games) download

    Hit my car is an Html5 game made with this awesome framework called Phaser io.

    it is a top down 2d game , drive your car and avoid hitting the police cars.

    try to make the police cars hit each other to gain score.

    restart the level every time your car crash.

    How to play

    use keyboard arrows or on screen controller to drive the car and turn left & right .

    avoid police cars and make them hit each other to get 5 points.


    1- cross platform (ios , android , web , desktop ,web).

    2- screen responsive.

    3- include art assets(.ai).

    4 – support ludei.

    5 – ads support (admob).

    6 – Sound Fx.

    8 – playable via keyboard or touch.

    9 – endless game (it has no end).

    10 – save and load score.

    11 – pause and resume.

    12 – easy to reskin (just replace the asset file).


    change game assets by simply replace the original file with another has the same name and type .

    to monetize the game you just need to enter the ad unit id in the script see the documentation inside item folder.


    download android apk demo

    Best Price| | Preview

    DOWNLOAD Hit My Car -html5 mobile game (Games)

    Social Media QR Code & Image Poster Signs - 2.0 (Windows) download

    Get the like and follow button for the real world!

    Most websites have social buttons that you can click, now you can take that feature to the real world, by displaying Social Sign with QR Code for customers to scan, like and follow.

    Grow fans, sales and newsletter subscribers!

    Your customers can scan the QR code and connect via Facebook on their mobile to unlock your promotion, like or share your page and automatically join your mailing list with one click.


    • Admin dashboard to create unlimited signs

    • Create branded mobile page

    • Upload your own logo and image

    • Create print-ready PDF sign (A4, 300dpi)

    • Enter your own social profile page

    • Enter your own business name

    • Customize QR code shape and color

    • Mobile page works and looks great on tablets and smartphones.

    • Create QR code sign for 10+ social network

    • Search filter to find a social network sign

    • No installation or setup neccessary

    • Facebook app ready to use

    • Form wizard to create mobile page and signs

    QR Code Signs

    • Facebook Like Sign

    • Facebook Checkin Sign

    • Twitter Follow Sign

    • Google+ Follow Sign

    • Linkedin Follow Sign

    • Instagram Follow Sign

    • Pinterest Follow Sign

    • Foursquare Follow Sign

    • Youtube Subscribe Sign

    • Search filter to find a social network sign

    • WhatsApp Share Sign

    • Yelp Review Sign

    • FlipboardFollow Sign


    Image Signs

    • Coupon Sign

    • Facebook Checkin Sign

    • Voucher Sign

    • Discount Sign

    • Deal Sign

    • Treat Sign

    • Booking Sign

    • Giveaway Sign

    • Guestlist Sign


    Best Price| | Preview

    DOWNLOAD Social Media QR Code & Image Poster Signs - 2.0 (Windows)

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