QubeAdmin Pro Admin Theme (WordPress) download

Have you ever been bored with the default look of the WordPress admin dashboard and want to change it? You might think that this would need a lot of coding experience (surely it does!), however, are new type of themes built to automate this process start to hit the market. If you work with web design and want to deliver a special and custom experience to your clients, this may be of interest.

QubeAdminPro is a good example of a theme you can use to spice up the WordPress admin dashboard. The design is modern, flat and light. The solution offers many cool features including unlimited color schemes (a color picker for all elements with different color presets), it is retina ready, offers unlimited fonts; allow admin login page customization and custom backgrounds on login screen.

To start with… let us imagine sending your clients to a customized login form like this one.

OK first, let us check out the settings and options available to customize QubeAdmin to your needs. After you install the Admin theme, you can configure the look of your dashboard by going to Settings > QubeAdmin Settings. The first tab allows you to configure the login page as seen in the above example. From here, you can change the background, logo and login form properties (which includes the image, color and button hovers).

Next Tab on the QubeAdmin Settings menu is the Interface tab. It allows you to change the buttons and menu icons and also add an optional top bar to your dashboard.

You can set the colors of your theme under the Appearance Tab. It can accommodate almost every aspect of the WordPress dashboard color settings.

You can also add your own custom Copyright text or any message in your footer.

Another great feature of this Admin theme is its ability to import and export settings. This is extremely useful for Administrators with multimple websites or web developers that use a specific configuration for client sites.

Once users login in to the WordPress admin area, they will be entering a light and modern WordPress admin area. It is the same information and functions, but with a fresh skin! Here’s a quick look of a fully customized WordPress Admin Dashboard:

The page for adding and editing posts will look like this.

As stated earlier you can change colors as you like. Here is an example of a red color scheme.

QubeAdmin Pro is a pretty add on to your WordPress dashboard. It is a good way to make users of the dashboard feel comfortable while navigating through each of the menu items, post editor etc.

Thank you!

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DOWNLOAD QubeAdmin Pro Admin Theme (WordPress)

CompileGrid CMS (Project Management Tools) download

CompileGrid will allow you to build your website fast and easy!

Website Settings :

  • SEO tags

  • Website fast “Contact Details” widget

  • Change default homepage

  • Upload new logo

  • SMTP Settings

  • Multiple administrators

Default plugins :

  • Pages Management [ plugin details … ]

  • F.A.Q. [ plugin details … ]

  • 404 not found [ plugin details … ]

  • Menu [ plugin details … ]

  • Contact [ plugin details … ]

  • Testimonials [ plugin details … ]

  • Slider [ plugin details … ]

  • Widgets [ plugin details … ]

  • Blog [ plugin details … ]

  • Users Management [ plugin details … ]

  • Ticket System [ plugin details … ]

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DOWNLOAD CompileGrid CMS (Project Management Tools)

WP Elastic Progress Bar (Miscellaneous) download

Responsive Elastic Animated Progress Bar for WordPress – Visual Composer Supported. Easily Integrate with a single Shortcode.

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DOWNLOAD WP Elastic Progress Bar (Miscellaneous)

Viralist: List Importer - PlayBuzz & BoredPanda (Add-ons) download


“VIRALIST: List Importer” is an add-on and must have tool for anyone using “Viralist – Viral lists script with Facebook App” script.


If you are not familiar with the “Viralist – Viral lists script with Facebook App” script, here is the link:


Salient Features of Importer

  • Import “list” from PlayBuzz.

  • Import “open list” from BoredPanda.

  • Browse and Import multiple “lists” from PlayBuzz.

  • PROGRESS METER – Real time import progress meter for BoredPanda

  • ADD USERS – Easily add new users to your website from within the importer (since VIRALIST has no such option in admin panel).

  • Select different users for different lists, before import.

  • Select category for list, before import.

  • Choose if you want to give credits to “list” author or choose from readymade templates

  • Add custom “credits” templates.

  • Auto approve imported list or mark pending for admin’s approval.



    With the help of “Viralist Importer” you can import “lists” from PlayBuzz.com and “open lists” from BoredPanda.com in JUST ONE CLICK.

    Additionally, there is an inbuilt browser for PlayBuzz “lists”. You can import multiple “lists” using this browser.


    BoredPanda and PlayBuzz are well known viral content sharing websites with over thousands of lists already online. Plus, new content is being added

    on daily basis by visitors like you or me.

    With the help of this importer, you can easily import any of the “open lists” from these websites to yours.

    BuzzFeed? Sorry, buzzfeed isn’t supported by this script.


    BoredPanda is a huge website with lots of content like blog posts and open lists. With this importer, you can easily import “open lists”

    from BoredPanda. Some “open lists” have more than 70 or 100 pictures so it takes time to import such lists. To make the import process

    easier and user-friendly, there is a real-time progress monitor showing how many images are imported.


    PlayBuzz browser can fill your “viral list website” with lots of “lists” in few minutes.

    • It shows real pages from PlayBuzz with “Older” and “Newer” buttons to nagivate the pages (just like playbuzz).

    • Load Random Page button will load a ramdom page from PlayBuzz. View demo to see how it works.

    • Click import button to copy any “list” to your “viral list” website in seconds.


    VIRALIST has no option in admin panel to add new user accounts.

    BUT, using this importer, you can easily create as many user accounts as you want.


    If you have defined any category in your VIRALIST Admin Panel, you’ll see them on import page. Just select desired

    category from the list before hitting import button and “list” will go under that category.


    You can select which copyright messages you want to use, or create new ones (see after the next screenshot below)


    You can choose whether you want to auto-publish imported “list” or let admin approve it later from VIRALIST admin panel.

  • You can create, edit or delete any message you want. For more details,

    click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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DOWNLOAD Viralist: List Importer - PlayBuzz & BoredPanda (Add-ons)

Hero Slider - WordPress Slider Plugin (Sliders) download

Hero Slider WordPress Plugin

Hero Slider features extensive configuration options along with the ability to add individual elements, each with their own animation settings. Best of all, this functionality is accessed through the first genuinely easy to use, simple drag-and-drop interface in slider builder history.

Truth! No other slider builder allows you to create awesome sliders so easily and quickly.

Sliders and Layers

  • Unlimited layers per slide

  • Multiple sliders per page

  • Detailed documentation

Dynamic Content

  • WooCommerce

  • Posts

Video Support

  • Video background

  • Video element on slide

  • Auto pause slide when video is playing

  • Autoplay video on/off

  • Vimeo, YouTube or self hosted

Slide Settings

  • Autostart slideshow on/off

  • Pause slide on hover on/off

  • Pause slide while video is playing

  • Easily change slide order

User Friendly

  • Legendary HeroPlugins style UI

  • Super easy, intuitive backend

  • Drag and drop interface

  • Add URL to any element

Works with any theme

  • Add slider by use of shortcode

  • Works on all PC and Mobile browsers

  • IE9 and up


  • 10 button styles and animations

  • 10 next/back arrow styles

  • Different pager styles

  • All Google fonts included

Browser Support

  • Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari Opera and IE

  • IE9 and up

  • Mobile browser support

Great Support

  • Dedicated support team

  • Quick support turnaround

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Video help guides

  • Free updates for life


  • Greensock animation engine jQuery HTML5

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DOWNLOAD Hero Slider - WordPress Slider Plugin (Sliders)

Geometr (Games) download

HTML5 Construct 2 Game

-24 Levels

-Simple, yet engaging game play

-Works on both desktop and mobile devices

-Minimalist and beautiful artwork

-Includes Construct 2 File

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DOWNLOAD Geometr (Games)

Smile Media - Meme Generator Plugin (Add-ons) download

Hi there _

This is a meme generator plugin for Smile Media. If you want to see the demo go to http://smile.bitempest.com/

Here’s the demo account:

Email: demo@demo.com

Password: password

Meme Generator For Smile Media

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DOWNLOAD Smile Media - Meme Generator Plugin (Add-ons)

Fullscreen Modal Navigation Menu (Menus) download

Full Features List

  • WP Menu With One Level Child Submenu

  • Display Submenus Flat or Accordion

  • Align Menu Left, Right or Center

  • Display Social IconsFacebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Feed, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Picassa, Dribbble, Gitbub, Soundcloud, Linkedin, Pintrest

  • Shortcode Generator

  • Styling Options

    • Eight Modal Effects

    • Background Color

    • Link Hover Color

    • Text Color

    • Enable Link Animation

  • Clean Code Commented, clean and bload free code to help you make modifications under the hood.

  • Documented All our product come bundled with step by step documentation covering instalation and setup.

  • Translation Ready All our products are translation ready using Poedit tool with instructions in bundled documentation.

  • Regular Product Updates Plugin is kept up to date with the latest WordPress versions

  • Customer Support Complimentary six month standard support is provided through external support system with queries answered Mon – Fri. Support covers setup queries, product features, and bug fixes.

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DOWNLOAD Fullscreen Modal Navigation Menu (Menus)

Greedy Rabbit (Games) download

Project has more 100 events.

You need personal license Construct2 for using it!

Greedy Rabbit is dynamic and funny arcade game. Find and eat all vegetables and go out from level.

Full mobile version on Google Play, you can look, game works perfect on devices:

Please rate item if you like.

My other items on Codecanyons:

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DOWNLOAD Greedy Rabbit (Games)

WebView iOS Template & Admob - Push - Swift 2 (Full Applications) download

Your Mobile App Ready in 5 Minutes !

Easily edit and do your own website to iOS Universal mobile App.Our app developed latest Xcode and support iOS9 , iOS 8, iOS7 with Swift 2 for All iPhone and iPad Devices.


  • Storyboard System

  • Latest Universal WebView System

  • Swift 2

  • Constraints- Working perfect view for all Devices

  • Usable Portrait – Landscape Left – Landscape Right turn

  • Support iOS 9, iOS 9.1, iOS 8, iOS7

  • Hud Loading View

  • Well documented

  • Support all URLs and Web sites

  • Optimized for all iPhone & iPad Devices

  • HTML5 Support

  • Node.js – Angular .js – Titanium. All platforms support

  • Parse Push Notifications Integrated

  • Includes Admob Intersitial Fullscreen Ad

  • Added Yahoo web site for example link into our project.

  • Easy setup & Build

  • All devices icon and opening image support

  • And more..

Change Log

25.09.2015 / Initial release

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DOWNLOAD WebView iOS Template & Admob - Push - Swift 2 (Full Applications)

Instapostcards (Miscellaneous) download

Send Instagram email postcards from your website

Instapostcards is a small php tool that lets you send Instagram email postcards. The script is very simple to use and can be used to add some features to empty sites.

It allows visitors to choose an instagram user, view it’s last photo posted, choose a photo, compose a message and send it via email.

It doesn’t require any external API to connect to Instagram but uses the Minibots PHP class, which is included in this package.


To run this software you need a web hosting with PHP 5 and cURL module installed. The cURL module allows you to fetch contents from other sites from PHP scripts.

Minibots PHP Class INCLUDED

When you download this software you download also Minibots PHP class, which is a PHP library to help developers in making spiders and use free web services around the web.

Instapostcards and Minibots come from the same author, Giulio Pons.


28 september 2015 - First release 1.0

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DOWNLOAD Instapostcards (Miscellaneous)

Hero Login Styler - WP Login Screen Customizer (Interface Elements) download

Hero Login Styler allows you to quickly and easily create stylish and professional login WordPress screens which extend and incorporate the look and feel of the host website and/or the target management interface

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DOWNLOAD Hero Login Styler - WP Login Screen Customizer (Interface Elements)

Shoot Angry Zombies - HTML5 Android (CAPX) (Games) download

Shoot Angry Zombies is a 2d runner level based game you have to shoot incoming zombies.Game Has 4 Levels For Now.

This game is build by Construct 2 Game Engine (Capx File Included).

In Live Preview – Use Keyboard arrow up key to jump player and space key to fire.

How To Play

For Desktop Users

Use Keyboard arrow up key to jump player and space key to fire.

For Mobile Users

Click on jump to jump and shoot button to fire zombies. 


- HTML 5
- Ludei + Ads Supported
- Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
- Including Constuct 2 file (.capx – all source)
- Easy export to Android & iOS
- Single Touch To Play

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DOWNLOAD Shoot Angry Zombies - HTML5 Android (CAPX) (Games)

Zombie Shooter - Top down view (Games) download

Great new native game template made with ultra fast Corona SDK!

Corona SDK is free to use and can be downloaded here: http://developer.coronalabs.com/downloads/coronasdk

This game includes:

– admob interstitials integrated

– google play services integrated

With this package you get a top-down zombie shooter game.

The game is fully functional – you only need to reskin images which have “preview” watermark added (2 enemy characters – about 8 frames each, enemy parts, player parts and few obstacles and 3 player power-ups).

In the “edit” file you can choose if you want to enable / disable admob ads or google play services (global highscores).

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DOWNLOAD Zombie Shooter - Top down view (Games)

MediaCloud - Video Aggregator CMS (Images and Media) download


MediaCloud Hlps You Build an Intractive Video CMS Depending on Importing Videos From Multi-Sources such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion (Automatically & Manually).


  • Responsive Design Works on all screen Sizes using Bootstrap 3.x.x

  • Clean & Secure Code with Themes System Using Smarty Templates Engine

  • Multi-Sources Video Importing : YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

  • Complete Membership System With Social Login and Register (Facebook and Twitter)

  • Languages are separated from Code and Admin Can Translate the Script Easily.

  • RTL Support and Arabic Language Included in the Script.

  • Users Can Add Videos and Create Lists (Public or Private)

  • SEO Ready : Clean URL’s, SItemaps, Unique titles & Keywords & Description for each page and also RSS Support.

  • Rating System (Like and Dislike)

  • Controllable Featured Slider (Featured Media Items or Featured Public Lists)

  • … and more to discover


  • PHP 5.2 or Higher

  • Mysqli Extension Support

  • safe_mode = off

  • CURL Library Installed

  • Multy-Byte String Functions mb_

  • mod_rewrite = enabled



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DOWNLOAD MediaCloud - Video Aggregator CMS (Images and Media)

WordPress Refresh (Miscellaneous) download

Developing a WordPress theme just got a whole lot more efficient

With the WordPress Refresh plugin, you can stop hitting your browser refresh button after each small CSS, JS, PHP or HTML change you make when developing your WordPress theme.? Simply activate the plugin and start coding, you won’t need to manually refresh your browser.

Responsive option

The plugin optionally opens a second (smaller) screen that refreshes along with the main screen. This way you can see the changes apply to the mobile and desktop website simultaneously.

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DOWNLOAD WordPress Refresh (Miscellaneous)

Night Runner (HTML5) (Games) download

Classic game stylized 8-bit graphics have become more popular than ever.What’s the secret? Firstly it is nostalgia for those who grew

up in that time. Secondly a great opportunity to play the classics on their mobile.

Night runner game runner stylized 8-bit graphics and is filled with an appropriate soundtrack that will inspire in you nostalgia about

the past, but the young players will join the timeless classics.


1)the Game is made with Construct2.

2)performance of the HTML5 version of the game was tested on Android 4.1 system, iOs7, PC, in all known browsers

3)in order For the fonts and sounds in the game can be displayed and reproduced in a timely manner update your browser.

4)To export for Android and iOs need a personal license Construct2.


1)Beautiful graphics in the style of 8-bit and authentic soundtrack

2)Fully commented code (+ HTML5 version of the game, the sounds from the game, detailed documentation on how to reskin, replace the sounds and export for mobile platforms, etc)

3)Control using a mouse or fingers

4)Easy export for all platformy

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DOWNLOAD Night Runner (HTML5) (Games)

PHP Support Center and Live Chat (Help and Support Tools) download

PHP Support Center is clean and minimal tickets and conversations management system .It have been crafted for real-world situations , You can create companies , customers , operators and departments . Each department can have a department admin . To easily customize emails we have also integrated mailchimp templating so you can pair plain emails to mailchimp designer . Emails takes up time to compose and send so we have also integrated mailgun support . It contains 50 levels of permissions between admin , department admin and operator . It is full fledged suite for Tickets and Live Chat management


Admin Credentials

Email : admin@mail.com

Password : admin

Frontend Chat Widget


We have installed chat widget on kodeinfo for demostration purpose .


  • Built on Laravel Framework

    Laravel is one of the most popular framework at the moment and is full of features. It is easy to use and it offers a large variety of packages using composer .

  • Live Chat

    It contains livechat which you can integrate on any website . It is fast and powerful , customer can start conversation simply by entering details and click start and operators will be notified . All conversations are saved in closed conversations .

  • Canned Messages

    You can create predefined messages which can be used by operators for quick reply

  • Operators

    You can create operators for company departments . Operators have separate dashboard and can access functionalities which is assigned by department admin .

  • Department Admins and Departments

    You can create department admins who are in-charge of particular departments . You can also create department and assign department admin to it .

  • Mailchimp Templating

    This is a unique feature only visible if use mailchimp is checked in settings . You can create your own templates using mailchimp’s powerful editor use variables shown in documentation , then you can pair mailchimp templates to email templates so that next time emails use mailchimp templates instead of default .

  • Permissions ~50 levels

    Now control your department admins/operators using permissions . Complete system is based on permissions like if you assign tickets.create to operator then only he can create tickets . You can control each and everything using permissions from what users edit and what users can see .

  • Tickets

    By default if no operators are available livechat is converted to ticket . Users can login to there accounts and reply to existing tickets or create new tickets , tickets also supports attachments . Tickets panel also shows user details like ip address , country , priority , status etc .

  • Customers

    You can create customers and assign them to companies directly from admin panel .

  • Companies

    You can create companies directly from admin panel .

  • Blocking

    You can block ip using ip blocking . Types of blocking are block from accessing chat , block from creating tickets , block from login , full website blocking .

  • Mailgun

    You can use mailgun to send emails . Just go to settings , check use mailgun and enter details then save .



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DOWNLOAD PHP Support Center and Live Chat (Help and Support Tools)

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