TiTanium screen locker - Fingerprint security (Full Applications) download

Titanium screen locker is a Fingerprint Lock Screen and FREE Screen Lock App.

This is a real Lock screen App which shows up when you press your sleep/wake (power) button. This free and real screen lock app which will work as a fingerprint screen locker. You can also customize this lock scanner with your selected theme.Your friends will never get to know the trick and will leave them wondering.

How Titanium screen locker work as real finger print lock screen :

– Titanium screen locker will ask you in the first usage to scan your finger for a moment (up to 1 second)

for example press and hold the finger print scanner for 2 seconds , by next if you want to unlock your device using Fingerprint press and hold the finger print scanner for 2 seconds , if you want to change the value go back to the scanner recorder and scan again , Note that nobody can now your secret scanning value , the scanner recorder and settings are protected by pin , default pin is 1234 , its recommended to change it .

App Usage:

1. Install Fingerprint Lock Screen and open it follow the guide to setup.

2. Change default pin and go to scanner recorder to set your scanning secret value

3. Next if you want to unlock phone using fingerprint press and hold the scanner for the previous value you set.

4. Press your thumb on the centre of scanning pad and scan for ( your secret value), the fingerprint lock scanner will imitate the animation as already recognize your fingerprint and your phone will unlock quickly. If you press more or less than your hidden value , your phone will still locked.

5. You can also access the setting icons by pressing menu button when screen lock page is open.

App Features:

1. Supports android 14 and above

2. Contains Sound at Locking & Unlocking time.

3. Support customized theme by changing the lock screen’s wallpaper.

4. Realistic fingerprint scanner that simulate fingerprint reader to identify your identity.

5. Display the time in nice and awesome style when screen is locked.

Note:This app is intended to simulate a fingerprint scanner and Android phone below Marshmallow don’t have this feature yet. This app is just for entertainment purpose only. but its a secure replacement for a real lock screen and and for security purposes. to unlock your phone and you can use it to secure device.

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DOWNLOAD TiTanium screen locker - Fingerprint security (Full Applications)

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